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Analytical Outsourcing: 3 myths and their contrast with reality

Outsourcing or professional subcontracting is a figure that has taken a leading role in the last decade and that today drives economies in emerging countries. Some have it in a bad way, others are neutral, and others defend it and promote it. The truth is that economies and markets move to the pulse of the specialization of labor and its price, of course.

Now, outsourcing of analytical equipment is in its infancy, but it can already be a boom and an excellent alternative for many industries. In this article we list the myths and realities regarding this topic.

What comes to mind when you think of analytical outsourcing?

Many imagine losing control of their operations and handing over their databases to unknown people somewhere in the world. Or perhaps they imagine the opposite: Paying a large sum of money per hour for something that could be done a thousand times cheaper internally.

These two thoughts are the most normal but are not necessarily the most accurate. Here are 3 of the myths in contrast to the reality of outsourcing analytical staff.

  • My databases and those of my clients will be in danger: When it comes to analytical outsourcing, data is the most important thing, companies that provide analytical personnel know this better than anyone, the data is gold, therefore, they are taken care of as if they were their own. There will always be contracts for confidentiality, exclusivity and information management. Also, today, there are numerous ways to protect classified information while allowing it to work with it, masking processes and blockchain are always implementable tools if you consider to further safeguard the privacy of your company’s data by outsourcing analytical equipment.
  • I am a small company, only large companies outsource analytics staff: all companies regardless of their size can benefit from the data, what’s more, it is healthy for a start-up to start organizing its databases and establish an analytical strategy that helps it increase its sales, reduce costs and reach more customers, to better understand the competitors and the industry in which it operates. And for a medium or large company, it is imperative that you have a mature, well-defined analytical strategy, for which the experience that outsourcing companies can provide and take advantage of the inclusive packages offered by these companies in order to quickly reach your target market is always beneficial.

    Imagine deploying an experienced analytical team to monetize your data instead of having to do everything yourself or go through all the recruiting work.
  • I don’t trust analytical outsourcing, it’s shoddy work:Many people think that if something is not done by them, it is not done well. The truth is that the low quality is the result of the lack of management skills, delegation of tasks and the lack of communication and this situation can occur both in internal teams and with external personnel. At Datakanow for example we know the importance of collaborative work, therefore we use agile analytical methodologies (Agile Analytics) so that the objectives, tasks, managers, methods are clear from start to finish and achieve effective results and quickly add value to the company.

    On the other hand, it is true that companies subcontract, among other reasons, to save costs, but lower expenses do not mean lower quality, there are many factors that explain the lower costs of subcontracted labor, such as the cost of living of countries where such labor resides, administration, social security and training costs, among others.

    In summary, outsourcing and specifically analytical outsourcing offer a safe and quality alternative that can help companies of any size and industry to reduce costs, mature their analytical processes and make their data profitable.

    At Dataknow we know that:

    Data science-related expertise is in high demand and difficult to acquire.

    The skills necessary to successfully carry out an analysis-related project are extensive and often require a diverse team of experts.

    Many companies already have their own teams of data science experts in-house. However, from time to time, the special skills required, or the number of experts required will exceed the available internal equipment. For these reasons, we offer the market highly qualified analytical personnel and on-demand access to experienced and efficient analytical teams, made up of comprehensive and complementary professionals (according to the client’s need), but not only do we stay there and more than expert professionals, We provide all our data experience, we promote our ways of working in our clients in such a way that we deliver value as quickly as possible.

    Thus, the company that decides to include and collaboratively work with Dataknow, see as: They accelerate the speed at which they can tackle projects. They carry out new projects and improve and optimize the approaches taken in current projects. Through collaborative work, they take advantage of the transfer of skills to increase and enrich the skills and knowledge of the client’s internal staff. And now, what do you think about analytical outsourcing?

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