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Analytical outsourcing

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We will talk a bit about how you can get your data dream team to take your company to the next level.

Data analysis
Was I too late for the party?

We are so used to seeing and commenting on important historical events in retrospect that in most cases we do not realize that we are living them, and nowadays it is something that happens a lot and very often. There is no reason to feel bad, we grow so fast in every aspect that it is difficult to keep up with everything. Data analysis is one of those developments. 

In the last five years it has been gaining momentum and more and more companies have started to implement it as they see how beneficial it can be. Normally a team that oversees curating a company’s data (of which there is a lot) is not something that is usually considered. Businessmen and entrepreneurs learned to develop this “shark mind” for business that is almost like a sixth sense that they use to make decisions. 

Quite an art if you ask me. The bad news is that this sixth sense can sometimes fail and is very ambiguous.

The easiest way to make your company grow is to monetize the data that companies generate internally or can get from third parties to make the right decisions, find patterns, gaps in the market and minimize risks, but for that you need a team of experts that you may not have. Besides, it can be very complicated to start one from scratch, maybe you don’t have the financial muscle to carry out the whole project. But I am not here to break your hopes, I am here to warn you that the dream team of experts is possible to get by doing Analytical Outsourcing.

What is Analytical Outsourcing?

Analytical outsourcing occurs when a company identifies an indispensable task for its growth but, for reasons of time, money or not having the human talent or the necessary tools and relegate this task to a third party capable of carrying it out. It is like having a soccer team full of beginners from the players to the coach and hire a more experienced coach to help the team improve and in turn is responsible for guiding the coach with less experience so he can do his job better and the team grows, this is how outsourcing works.

Outsourcing benefits

Data monetization

Turn that data into something that helps your company make faster and better decisions without building your own team of analysts. It's about polishing that coal and turning it into something valuable.

Analytical Strategy

Focused on solving your biggest challenges, the team of analysts will oversee improving your marketing strategy, organization, operations, technology, and digital transformation you need. You'll be able to increase your sales, reach more customers and better understand your competitors.

Reduce costs

Creating your own team may represent an investment of time, money, and energy that you did not have in your plans and for which you are not prepared, but you do not want to continue wasting time and be left behind. Analytical Outsourcing helps you to reduce the value of administration, social security, training, etc.

What kind of experts can be found?

There is everything. You can have from data analysts to data scientists at Junior, Senior and Senior Master levels, do you want Messi? is also available. It is important to know that you do not need to go to NASA and invest large amounts of money to get the expert you need to solve that problem that keeps you awake at night. There is no need to be afraid of bringing in people from outside the company. They are professionals who will perform as another person in your team with the focus on growth.

Using new technological trends is not a luxury, it is a necessity that will keep you in your career, so there is no need to be afraid of the learning curve. Accompaniment and knowledge transfer are part of the whole process, this way you make sure that at the end of the day you are not oblivious to the knowledge. Sustainable growth in every aspect.

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